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Part 3. Native 2010 Resistance - The Actions

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16 octubre 2008


Part 3 focuses on the grassroots actions the indigenous communities have been undertaking to defend their land and right to self-determination. It also highlights the criminalization of Indigenous resistance.

We learn about the Skwelkwek’welt Protection Center, set up by the Secwepemc people in 2001, in order to protect their Aborginal Title in the face of on-going destruction caused by Sun Peaks Resort - a 2010 Olympic venue. The Secwepemc then launch an international boycott in 2006.

We also learn about the 2007 action to disrupt the unveiling of the Olympic Clock in downtown Vancouver; and the disruption of the Assembly of First Nations conference to endorse VANOC and the Olympics.

To find out more about activities and actions, please visit the Olympic Resistance Network website at

Year of Production: 2008

Country: Canada

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