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ᓇᓂᓯᓂᖅ - Nanisiniq: A Journey of Discovery

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05 febrero 2015


Beginning in 2010 in Arviat Nunavut, the Nanisiniq Arviat History Project is a multi-media history project which brings together Inuit youth and Elders to re-discover Inuit history.

Follow Nanisiniq on our ‘journey of discovery’ as we uncover treasures from the past - travelling thousands of kilometres around the world, visiting four continents, co-documenting over 100 hours of video footage, examining countless archival documents, talking to over 50 Elders and re-thinking the importance of history. It’s your history- join us!
We are thankful for the organizations and individuals who have contributed to the Nanisiniq Arviat History Project. The Sivulinuut Elders Society, the University of British Columbia School of Social Work, Nunavut Arctic College, the Nunavut Research Institute and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada were the project’s primary partners.

Visit the Nanisiniq Arviat History Project web site at and for more information.

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    • 11m 25s


      uploaded by: Carol Kunnuk

      canal: Igloolik | ᐃᒡᓗᓕᒃ

      In 2009, Rachel Uyarasuk, elder of the Inuit community of Igloolik (Nunavut), evokes the ancestors whose name she received at birth. She explains how this transmission ensured their return among the world of the living.

      A film by Christin Merlhiot

      France, 2014, 11 minutes, animation

      Inuktitut with English & French subtitles

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      uploaded date: 14-04-2014

    • 58m 42s

      Wanorazi Yumneze (Awakening Spirit)

      uploaded by: Troy Stozek

      canal: Cara's Picks

      Documentary film about how people, wildlife and the environment are impacted by industrial developments in Alberta and Saskatchewan. More importantly, this film is about communicating the voices and concerns of Indigenous people, who are often left out of decision-making processes, yet are among those most impacted.

      Directed by Troy Stozed

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      uploaded date: 17-04-2013

    • 7m 44s

      Zacharias Kunuk on Baffinland Iron Mine

      uploaded by: Ian Mauro

      canal: Cara's Picks

      Zacharias Kunuk talks about Inuit concerns with the proposed $6 billion Baffinland Iron Mine in Nunavut. Kunuk is an award-winning filmmaker, Igloolik Hamlet Councilor, Officer of the Order of Canada and recently-elected Board member to Qikiqtani Inuit Association (QIA).

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      uploaded date: 03-05-2012

    • 27m

      A Summer in the Life of Louisa

      uploaded by: IBC admin

      canal: IBC

      A Summer in the Life of Louisa

      Director: Ann Hanson

      Producers: Jerry Giberson and Debbie Brisebois

      Camera: Carlos Fernand

      Music: Del Carry

      This is a powerful docu-drama about wife abuse (family violence) and breakdown of a couple’s relationship.

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      uploaded date: 17-02-2015

    • 1h 8m 56s

      Artcirq Expedition 2009

      uploaded by: Artcirq

      canal: Artcirq

      The Artcirq Youth Group from Igloolik, Nunavut, take on an extraordinary adventure : over 20 people travel from Igloolik to Pond Inlet and Clyde River by skidoo to perform their unique Inuit circus show.

      Production year: 2010
      Format: Video & HDV

      Director: Derek Aqqiaruq
      Producer: Artcirq

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      uploaded date: 14-02-2015

    • 1m 21s

      Ancilla's language video

      uploaded by: ARVIATTV

      canal: ARVIATTV

      Created by Ancilla Irkok of Arviat as part of the Department of Education's video contest on language preservation.  Ancilla was awarded a Blackberry Playbook for her efforts on this video.

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      uploaded date: 09-05-2014

    • 56s

      Kalene's language video

      uploaded by: ARVIATTV

      canal: ARVIATTV

      This video was made by Kalene Gibbons.  She entered it in the Dept. of Education's video contest dealing with Inuktitut preservation and won a Blackberry Playbook for her efforts.

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      uploaded date: 08-05-2014

    • 23m 33s

      Kikkukia Documentary

      uploaded by: derekman88

      canal: Artcirq

      A short documentary about the band Kikkukia from Igloolik, Nunavut. Story about how they started playing together and the events they shared together as a group.

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      uploaded date: 07-03-2014