string games

  • 14m 30s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    canal: IBC

     Program name: Qimaivvik 

    Qimaivvik was a cultural show produced in Baker Lake or Igloolik, but included segments from all of IBC’s centres. Topics included: storytelling, hunting and sewing techniques, legends, language, and other traditional practices such as igloo building, etc.   

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    uploaded date: 08-02-2018

  • 28m 53s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    Program: Amitturmiut
    Producer: Igloolik – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Julie Ivalu

    Segment 1: Susan Avingaq teaches how to tan a caribou skin step-by-step. Rebecca Ingaut also talks about the process of tanning.

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    uploaded date: 08-01-2017

  • 29m 23s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    canal: IBC 2

    Program name: Inuusivut
    Producer: Noah Tiktaq – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Emily Karetak

    Segment 1: Dominic Kasaluak talks about the history behind his great grandfather’s binoculars. This piece of history has been passed down to him from his father.

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    uploaded date: 28-02-2016

  • 25m 53s

    BL-560 String Games and Imitation

    uploaded by: IBC admin

    canal: IBC

    String games

    Program name: Takuyaksat
    Takuyaksat was a Baker Lake production involving cultural activities, storytelling, hunting, sewing, and legends.
    Producer: Baker Lake - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: William Noah
    Location: Baker Lake

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    uploaded date: 07-05-2015

  • 58m 16s

    Nunaqpa (Going Inland) 1991

    uploaded by: Norman Cohn

    canal: MICH Living Archives

    Second Isuma recreated fiction, 1991. Summer in the 1930's. For Igloolik Inuit, it is the time of Nunaqpa, 'going inland,' the long walk in search of summer-fat caribou to catch enough meat for the hard winter ahead. Two families leave for the hunt, while the old couple waits by the shore for their return...

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    uploaded date: 29-10-2006