• 58m 42s

    Wanorazi Yumneze (Awakening Spirit)

    uploaded by: Troy Stozek

    canal: Cara's Picks

    Documentary film about how people, wildlife and the environment are impacted by industrial developments in Alberta and Saskatchewan. More importantly, this film is about communicating the voices and concerns of Indigenous people, who are often left out of decision-making processes, yet are among those most impacted.

    Directed by Troy Stozed

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    uploaded date: 17-04-2013

  • 22m 6s

    People Can Stand Up

    uploaded by: Marie-Hélène Cousineau

    canal: Show me on the map: discussions on mining on Aboriginal lands

    Synopsis:The Inuit organizations of Nunavut have recently opened the way to uranium mining. Some Nunavut residents want to voice their concerns and created a grassroots organization to ask for a public inquiry; should Nunavut open the way to nuclear energy or not?

    Filmmaker:Marie-Hélène Cousineau and Carol Kunnuk

    Contact:mhcousineau [at] arnaitvideo [dot] ca

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    uploaded date: 27-07-2010

  • 6m 29s

    Rankin Inlet Tour

    uploaded by: Gabriela Gamez

    canal: IFN

    IFN Tour started in Rankin Inlet in November 2006. Isuma’s team participated in the Community Feast and screened The Journals of Knud Rasmussen the next day. We had about 300 people on that first screening.

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    uploaded date: 19-11-2007

  • 59m 19s

    Nunavummi Iqqaumajavut

    uploaded by: IBC admin

    canal: IBC

     Since the 1970’s, IBC has been recording Inuit stories from an Inuit perspective – an estimated 9,000 hours of unique footage. In 2015, we began the process of cataloguing and digitizing these videos and have created the Inuit Film and Video Archive. Videos can be accessed online at… Leer más

    uploaded date: 03-08-2018

  • 37m 46s

    Formation of Inspiration: Nunatsiavut's Inuit Bachelor of Education

    uploaded by: Akuttujuuk

    canal: Akuttujuuk

    The Nunatsiavut Government and Memorial University of Newfoundland have partnered to deliver a culturally-infused, community-based Bachelor of Education program in Goose Bay, Labrador. This Inuit-specific program is part of Nunatsiavut’s efforts to establish a strong foundation for Inuit-controlled schools in their region.… Leer más

    uploaded date: 19-03-2018

  • 10m 56s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    canal: IBC

     Program: Qaggiq (“Gathering Place”) – is a current affairs program (refers to a large igloo built for the gathering of several families).

    Producer: Igloolik Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

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    uploaded date: 08-03-2018

  • 14m 36s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    canal: IBC


    Producer: Inuit Tapirisat of Canada Inukshuk (Project) and Nunatsiakmiut
Host: Joanasie Salamonie
    Inuktitut with English overdub.

    Segment 1: A short documentary about inukshuks.

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    uploaded date: 02-02-2018

  • 28m 44s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    canal: IBC

     Program name: Qimaivvik

    Qimaivvik was a cultural show produced in Baker Lake or Igloolik, but included segments from all of IBC’s centres. Topics included: storytelling, hunting and sewing techniques, legends, language, and other traditional practices such as igloo building, etc.   

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    uploaded date: 02-02-2018

  • 28m 54s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    canal: IBC

     Program name: Tohaknaak
Producer: Cambridge Bay - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
Host: Ada Todd, James Kavana

    Segment 1: This is a short documentary about Arctic Co-operatives Ltd. and what it does for the membership. Bill Lyall talks about the operation of the store. Women are shown sewing traditional clothing for the Northern Images store.

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    uploaded date: 18-01-2018