More VOD Coming Soon: IFN 2.0

With the launch December 1, 2009 of The Fast Runner Trilogy on Video on Demand, IsumaTV launches Indigenous Film Network (IFN) 2.0, our new capacity to distribute and deliver high-quality films in high-definition by internet to audiences anywhere in the world.

Hard-to-find Indigenous feature films and other short films and documentaries by Inuit, Aboriginal and other Native filmmakers will be available through IFN 2.0 starting in 2010. This ground-breaking initiative uses the internet to deliver films to individual viewers, to digital projectors in community cinemas in remote communities across Canada's Indigenous north, and to selected digital screening rooms in southern cities internationally.

IFN 2.0 puts IsumaTV and Indigenous filmmakers at the leading edge of technological change in the new 21st century film industry. Films often excluded from traditional 35mm theatrical distribution now have the opportunity to find interested audiences anywhere through internet Video on Demand. Some films will be streamed free of charge; some may be downloaded for a small fee; others may invite viewers to Pay-what-you-can. A growing international network of digital screening rooms will serve specialized audiences - organized around common interests - building a new low cost electronic alternative to the older Hollywood style centralized film distribution. These may include the national networks of Native Friendship Centres in Canada and other countries with large Aboriginal populations; colleges and universities with Native Studies and Media Studies programs; and the growing number of digital projection spaces being created in museums, galleries and public performance spaces across Canada and in cities around the world.

Check here for news and updates of films soon to be available through IFN 2.0 on IsumaTV.

For more information, or to arrange digital projections in your community, contact info [at] isuma [dot] tv.

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Dear All,


I think it is unbelievable...I currently study American studies, this is my 2nd MA degree and the Inuit are my research field - understanding their identify with the help of film studies. For me it is an exceptional opportunity. I really appreciate simply coz I live in Hungary where we have very very limited access to such sources.  I usually take part in conferences where I present myself on this issue and coz we have very limited access it is really hard. Hopefully it will be my PhD research as well. I wish I could have access more ....not only movies books cds as well….




Attila Takacs


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