My reasons for criticizing civilization has to do with its effects on the Nature and all its beings,  the other has to do with its impact on the Tribal Human-Animal.

As civilized people, we are also domesticated. We are to Natural Peoples as cows and sheep are to bears and eagles.

On a rental property where I once lived , the Lord of the land kept two white domesticated ducks. These ducks have been bred to have wings so small as to prevent them from flying. This is a convenience for their keepers, but compared to wild ducks these are pitiful creatures who need to be liberated.

Many Natural  Peoples tend to view us as pitiful creatures as well, all though powerful, ignorant and dangerous because of our technology and sheer numbers. They regard civilization as a sort of social disease and a big joke played out by avery mean  trickster. The civilized people appear to act as though we were addicted to a powerful drug, a drug that comes in the forms of egocentrism, money, factory-made foods and goods, oil, and electricity. We are helpless without this drug, so we have come to see any threat to  its supply  and our egos as a threat to our very existence. Therefore we are easily manipulated, by our desire “for more” or "fear" that what we have will be taken away, and powerful corporations and political interests have learned to orchestrate our desires and fears in order to achieve their own purposes and out-come of profit and control. If told that the production of the drug involves slavery, stealing, and murder, or the ecological equivalents as we see with what is happening to the natural world, we try to ignore the news so as not to have to face an intolerable double bind, blind or standard, a voluntary ignorance and we only venture part way into “consciousness”, like the issue with factory farmed meat, aquariums, zoo’s or the circus is the point of no return, all for the sake of our children, their education and their future, if we begin to question and point out the inconsistency of civilization what will be left for them to experience, all at the inconvenience of those who have a very small voice, and then their those who choose not to listen or pay little attention at all.

If the total of the civilized where to awake from their pretended dream of their “delusions of grandeur” our world and its disfunction would end, and all within... having “a good time” 

Nature will have her right of way

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02 mars 2013




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