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    Qaggiq Special Living Arctic Museum in London _1988

    uploaded by: IBC admin

    chaîne: IBC

    Program name: Qaggiq
    Qaggiq (Gathering Place) was a current affairs program (refers to a large igloo built for the gathering of several families).
    Producer: Iqaluit - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Elisapee Davidee

    With English Sub-titles


    Location: London, England


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    uploaded date: 08-05-2015

  • Taina Amayi

    uploaded by: TurtleWoman747

    Music, videos, and more... covering many genres with traditional foundations with respect for all My Peoples of Turtle Island. I create and produce my own music and videos, which cover many aspects of spirit, heart, mind, and body.… En savoir plus

    uploaded date: 06-04-2015

  • Plant-Based Native

    uploaded by: Kerry Redwood Atjecoutay

    Activism - Animal Rights-Liberation. Nature Based peoples-realities and a mix of combat sports, Southeast Asian Boxing such as Muay Thai (Thai-Boxing), Kun Khmer (Khmer Boxing) and Mixed Martial Arts.

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    uploaded date: 26-01-2015

  • EU court rejects Inuit appeal against seal fur ban

    uploaded by: Cara Di Staulo

    chaîne: Isuma News

    Europe's top court on Thursday rejected an appeal by Inuit seal hunters and fur traders against an EU ban on products derived from the Arctic animals.

    "The court dismisses the appeal in its entirety," the Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice said in a final ruling issued after an appeal against a September 2011 decision from its general court.

    That court had refused at the time to hear a challenge brought by 17 organisations, including Canada's largest Inuit group, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK).

    The European Union ban, approved in 2009 under pressure from animal rights groups, includes an exemption for seal products derived from hunts traditionally conducted by Inuit and indigenous communities for subsistence.

    But Canada's indigenous groups fear it will severely damage their traditional seal hunt.

    The Canada-led campaign to lift the ban on the trade in seal fur and products was joined by the ITK as well as by Scottish suppliers of the sporran pouch made of seal pelt that is part of traditional Highland dress.

    The ban has been highly effective in reducing the number of seals killed commercially, with 40,000 in 2011 against 354,000 in 2006.

    Likewise the price of a pelt has dropped from about 90 euros ($118) to nine in the same timeframe.

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    uploaded date: 03-10-2013