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I work for a inuit circus company called Artcirq. I'm also currently working with Kingulliit Productions and were working on installing media players around Nunavut.

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Lien vers: Angajuksakuluk
This is a Northern Haze song titled "Angajuksakuluk" was playing with Momo and his brother Aka Bangoura and they are from Guinea, Africa. We had the pleasure of mixing our Inuktitut song...
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2014-03-31 19:24
Lien vers: Kikkukia Documentary
A short documentary about the band Kikkukia from Igloolik, Nunavut. Story about how they started playing together and the events they shared together as a group.
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2014-03-07 19:16
Lien vers: Bobby Uttuguik plays Harmonica
9 songs that Bobby Uttuguik played with a Harmonica, some of them are Christmas songs. Recorded by Derek Aqqiaruq of Kingulliit Productions.
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2013-12-03 12:49
Lien vers: John Illupalik Campaigns for a seat in the Legislative Assembly
John Illupalik campaigns and talks about what he wants to focus if he gets elected to the Legislative assembly. 
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2013-10-25 06:57
Lien vers: George Qulaut Part 2
  George Qulaut calls in to the Igloolik radio station and talks about what he wants to focus in his campaign for a seat in the Legislative Assembly.
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2013-10-24 23:07