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Tannis Nielsen is a Cree, Danish, Métis. In 2006 she obtained her Masters of Visual studies degree from the University of Toronto. Today, Tannis continues to practice as a professional visual artist / educator, her most recently held position is as instructor at the Ontario College of Art and Design, where for three years she has taught a liberal studies course that utilizes post-colonial, decolonization methodologies, as a means of contextualizing Indigenous art. Tannis has also taught in the faculty of Arts at OCAD in Contemporary Painting, and intro to sculptural practice. As well as teaching, Tannis volunteers towards the development of her communities as often as she is able, as such; she has sat as an advisor to The Equity and Diversity Committee at OCAD, acting President of the board for “The Association of Native Development in the Performing and Visual Arts (ANDPVA,)” the director of programming for A-Space gallery, and past director of the board of “The Métis Artists Collective.” Tannis most recent exhibition was held during the summer of 2008, at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, as part of the Honoring Traditions show,where she exhibited the video installation “I have recovered” which included such esteemed artists as; Jane Ash Poitras, Gerald Tailfeathers, Judy Chartrand, Allen Sapp, Bob Boyer, Joane Cardinal-Schubert, Robert Houle, Alex Janvier and Roger Crait. Tannis exhibited her piece titled nimin o ayan translated meaning is I have recovered - which was also curated by Ryan Rice, in a previous exhibition titled Red Eye currently on tour. As well as a practicing visual arts Professional , Tannis has interest in curation.Her last curatorial exhibition focused on the similarity and difference of colonization as experienced currently in both Canada and Palestine.Invited artists included John Halaka,Emily Jacir,Erica Lord and James Luna.This exhibition was held at A-Space gallery in 2008.See more


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