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02 February 2018



Producer: Inuit Tapirisat of Canada Inukshuk (Project) and Nunatsiakmiut
Host: Joanasie Salamonie
Inuktitut with English overdub.

Segment 1: A short documentary about inukshuks.

Segment 2: This 1979 video gives background on how Inukshuk, the Inuit TV program, started as there was a need for Inuit-made programming to protect the Inuit language and culture.

Segment 3: Simonie Alainga in Frobisher Bay (now Iqaluit) talks about the need for consulting elders on policies that concern Inuit and the harvesting of animals.

Segment 4: Music video.

The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, established in Canada's territory of Nunavut, has been producing Inuit language video, by, for and about Inuit since 1981. This video is from their collection and has been made available on the Internet for your enjoyment through funding provided by the Government of Canada and the Government of Nunavut.

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