Arviq! (Bowhead!)

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11 October 1994


In 1994, fulfilling the dying wish of a respected Elder, a group of Inuit hunters from Igloolik illegally catches a bowhead whale after years of government prohibition. An event which sparks a legal controversy.

In August 1996, with permission from the federal government, Inuit hunters from across the arctic gather in Repulse Bay for the first legal bowhead hunt in more than forty years.

Looking back five years later, Arviq! traces the history of the bowhead whale in the Arctic: from its traditional importance to Inuit, the devastation to near extinction by commercial whaling, as well as the media circus surrounding the legal hunt in 1996.

Arviq is a part of the Unikaatuatiit (Story Tellers) Series.

DIRECTOR(S): Zacharias Kunuk

PRODUCER(S): Zacharias Kunuk, Norman Cohn

WRITER(S): Zacharias Kunuk, Paul Apak Angilirq

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Zacharias Kunuk, Natar Ungalaaq

EDITOR(S): Norman Cohn, Zacharias Kunuk

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Zacharias Kunuk, Norman Cohn

SCREENINGS & TELEVISION: Channel 24 Igloolik, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)









REGION: Canadian Arctic

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52m 32s


arviq, bowhead whale, commercial whaling, elders, federal government, history, Igloolik Isuma Productions, Inuktitut, legal hunt, near extinction, Norman Cohn, repulse bay, Unikaatuatiit (Story Tellers) Series, whale hunting, Zacharias Kunuk




Keewatin Region, NU, Canada

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  • 53m 45s

    Anaana (Mother / Mère)

    uploaded by: Marie-Hélène Cousineau

    channel: Arnait Video Productions

    DURATION: 52 min.
    GENRE: documentary
    FORMAT: video, colour
    LANGUAGE: Inuktitut, Fr-Eng st
    DIRECTORS: Mary Kunuk, Marie-Hélène Cousineau
    PRODUCERS: Mary Kunuk, Marie-Helene Cousineau
    SOUND: Katarina Soukup , Luke Taqqaugaq
    CAMERA: Marie-Helene Cousineau
    SCRIPT WRITER: Mary Kunuk
    EDITOR: Marie-Christine Sarda
    FUNDING: Canada Council for the Arts, Telefilm Canada
    SELECTED SCREENINGS: APTN (Canada), Land Insight Film Festival (Montréal, 2003), Maori television (New-Zealand, 2005), Native American film and Video Festival (New-York, 2003)


    Abandoned by her father, a White RCMP officer, Vivi Kunuk was adopted by the Inuk family of her mother who raised her as a boy. This is but one remarkable chapter in her life.

    With her husband Enuki, she raised eight children, including award-winning filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk, living most of the year on the land as her nomadic ancestors did prior to the creation of government settlements in the 1950's. Surrounded by her grandchildren, she recounts stories about the land she knows intimately and her life's destiny on Baffin Island.

    The history of changes experienced by Inuit people in the last sixty years is contained in the stories of Vivi Kunuk.

    uploaded date: 16-02-2015