The Journals of Knud Rasmussen

Iglulik, 1922-23. Real people, actual events.

The great shaman, Avva, and his family are living on the land some distance from Iglulik, his home community that lately has taken up the teachings of Christian missionaries.

Explorer/adventurer Knud Rasmussen pays Avva a visit, accompanied by two fellow Danes: trader Peter Freuchen and anthropologist Therkel Mathiassen.

Rasmussen hears and records Avva’s life story and that of his wife Orulu.

Their son, Natar, impulsively agrees to guide Freuchen and Mathiassen north to Iglulik.

After a celebration, Rasmussen leaves to head west while Avva, facing strong headwinds, sets out with his family and guests en route for home.

His beautiful daughter, Apak, has troubling dreams about the road ahead.

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