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props and toys for my inuuja


28 October 2011


I did not like small animals , my inujjaa would have fur from a caribou skin firom an antler ,that is why I never use any small animal fur . when my mother first made me a sheet for a caribou skin from an alter I was soo happy . but after words I was able to use leman fur because other girls had it
 like these one , I started to use them for my nujjaa, and they look so real when you lay them for a bed and blanket . they are beautiful the furs are all different and some have beautiful layer and spots some would have different lining , usually the furs are all deferent
we would use them for your beds and blankets for our inujja, this one has no clothing so we would put a blanket so the inujja will go to sleep
there where some with very lite color fur and they are nice .


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Igloolik NU, Canada

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