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Why it is important


04 November 2011


From my experience , I wanted to see and imagine what they where talking about , I have been working in films as a art director and it was challenging for me because I thought I knew my culture when I was growing up , but when I had to decide on a set ,it was hard to remember and I have forgotten a lot that are important and I needed to see in order to remember how it was made and how it was used and it would take time to organizes the set and when I had to do some research on how we have lived in the past .

this project is a great way to keep our culture alive because if we never use these skill and loosing them , the inuajja is a toy that we see and can remember

These inujjaa are great toys to teach our skill and it could be pass on for your future children when someone is interested in learning our knowledge and how we lived

I would want to see a written document of each inujjaa ,that these are the original way of making the dolls and clothing . we are not just creating an idea because its art project , also there are only a few inuit today who can remembers how to make them.

Rebecca Malliki : I remember when I was a child and visited a family who lived in a Qammaq ( sode house ) and hardly had caribou to hunt ,I remember they had only dog fur for clothing and bed covers It was because they had no caribou to hunt , when I was told to side on the bed side I did not want to because I was so afriad to sit on it .


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