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Interaction designer

I am a researcher at the Shared Reality Lab at McGill University. My work as an interaction designer involves collaborating with various communities, from jazz musicians to medical students and surgeons. This is about transforming field research discoveries into design opportunities by storyboarding, prototyping and testing design proposals in an iterative manner. When I am not working on other side projects like ARTCO, I am helping elderly people to improve their computer skills, organizing a lecture series called, hiking, climbing, learning various dance forms (Swing, Tap, Irish, classical ballet and Khatar Indian dance) or collecting pictures of inspiring objects and actions.

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    uploaded by: David Ertel

    ARTCO nunalikni isumagijarminnik saqitittijut piliriurijaujuq kingulliit saqitirijanut ammalu Qarisaujakkurunnautiliutiuliqtunik qimirujanniqalugit qangiqsimjuni ammalu Ullumiujumi qanuilingaujumik , qaniliurniqarunnaqulugit qangiqsimajuni ammalu ullumiujumi Sivuniksattivakqanirmut


    uploaded date: 22-08-2011

  • About ARTCO

    uploaded by: David Ertel


    Inuit and Cree children use new media tools through a multidisciplinary artistic process to explore their past and present realities, connect with others, practice collective action and create a better future.


    uploaded date: 10-12-2012