Alianait Arts Festival 2009


21 June 2009


Created in 2005, Alianait! Arts Festival is one of the biggest cultural events in Nunavut celebrating and connecting cultures through music and arts.

IsumaTV will broadcast the Alianait Arts Festival live - June 21 to July 1 - everyday from 07PM to 10PM on

The Festival will kick off on June 21, 2009, National Aboriginal Day, with a free afternoon show which will feature throat singers from Nunavut and Nunavik, Ellen Hamilton & Friends, Johnny Issaluk and the Inuksuk High School Choir.

The Alianait Opening Concert will follow on June 22nd with:

  • Maanilu Asianilu, a youth Brazilian drumming group from Kangiqsujuak
  • Naujamiut, a traditional Inuit band from Repulse Bay
  • The Bop Ensemble – featuring Canadian folk Shaman Bill Bourne, Wyckham Porteous & Jas Olhauser from Alberta & British Columbia
  • Treasa Levasseur, a smoldering singer-songwriter originally from Winnipeg, backed by guitarist David Baxter and a big sound 5 piece band from Toronto
  • A fantastic Circus collaboration will be presented on Saturday, June 27th featuring Nunavut’s internationally acclaimed Artcirq and Productions Kalabante, an African / Quebecois circus troupe featuring Yamoussa Bangoura

The Closing Concert on June 30, 2009 will feature:

  • Kaina Nowlak, Iqaluit’s favourite accordionist
  • Liima Inui, rock, reggae, world & pop musicians from Greenland just in time to release a new CD
  • Kobotown, a magic mix of calypso, dub poetry, roots reggae, folk and funk – Trinidad born now living in Toronto
  • Troy MacGillivray & Nuala Kennedy, award-winning Halifax fiddler and enchanting Scottish flautist
  • Productions Kalabante, an amazing collaboration of jazz vocals and African drums

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