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Nunavut (June 2019)


27 June 2019


  • Duration: 28m 51s

    Igloolik, Fall-Winter 1946. Sitting around the stone house carving a harpoon, Qulitalik starts talking about the year gone past. Everyone joins in with stories and laughter. Tea is boiling over the seal lamps, children playing on the caribou skin beds. Grandmother tells the old stories, everybody has a new one. Home is warm and cozy.

  • Duration: 28m 55s

    Program name: Tohaknaak
    Producer: Cambridge Bay – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: John Komak and Ada Todd

    Segment 1: Kitikmeot Inuit games. This shows competitive sports being played between communities.

  • Duration: 28m 54s

    Program name: Tohaknaak
    Producer: Cambridge Bay – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Alan Maksagak

    Segment 1: The Kitikmeot Inuit Summer games. All the surrounding communities go to Cambridge Bay to compete.

  • Duration: 28m 54s

    Program name: Tahonaak
    Producer: Cambridge Bay - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Location: Taloyaok, Nunavut

    This is a poor quality video, filmed during the Inuit games in Taloyoak, Nunavut with participants from the surrounding communities in Kitikmeot.

  • 01:55 Movie Night | Kaugjagjuk

    Duration: 1h 10m 44s

    Kaugjagjuk is Artcirq’s first major production, created in 2005. It was originally performed in Igloolik for the summer solstice with the participation of more than 20 children and youth from the community.

  • Duration: 8m 43s

    Producer: Rankin Inlet – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

    Segment 1: Rankin Inlet Elders play games at Christmas time.

  • Duration: 19m 54s

    Producer: Arviat - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Location: Arviat, Nunavut

    Segment 1: Arviat Elders, Meg Kuksuk, Nutaraluk Aulajut and Annie Sewoee demonstrate a variety of Inuit games for children. This is a great video to show children.

  • Duration: 27m 50s

     Program: Qaujisaut (To See, To Find Out): This program was mainly directed toward Inuit youth, facing hard choices - caught between two cultures. It is entertaining, fast and fun. Up and coming young musical talent was promoted on Qaujisaut. Qaujisaut taught young people important life skills as well as touching on timely health issues and covering stories important to youth.

  • Duration: 24m 12s

    Program name: Qaujisaut

  • 04:26 Nunavut (Our Land) | Nunavut (Our Land) Episode 2: Avaja

    Duration: 28m 50s

    Inuaraq's family finally arrives at Avaja to a warm welcome. Yet, many changes have taken place. On the hill above the tents, they now find a wooden church and a priest. Sharing the fresh caribou feast, telling stories, Inuit are interrupted by the bell ringing. Inside the church the sermon is clear: Paul 4:22, 'Turn away from your old way of life.'

  • Duration: 24m 10s

    Program name: Kippinguijautiit

  • Duration: 5m 35s

    Tommy Sakeeta and Natsiapik Sakeeta hunt caribou. Taami Sakiita ammalu Natsiapik Sakiita tuttuliaqsimajuuk.


  • Duration: 27m 5s

    The making of an interdisciplinary art performance over the summer of 2005 in collaboration with Lucy T, Laurentino A, Guillaume S, Genevieve P 

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