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Ahoy! Metis!

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16 octobre 2007


The thing about history is it's in the past. In the present, history can be as malleable as soft butter. Somewhere between truth and fiction are the things that could and maybe did happen. If you weren't there, how do you know for sure. This film reveals a unique piece of Métis history. Largely misunderstood and somewhat unknown the Métis are a contact culture combining skills and traditions of both their First Nations mothers and European fathers. This film investigates how those skills came together and what can happen when people grow tired of being bullied, starved and humiliated. Shot on 16 and 18mm film and digital video. Colour. Black and white. Sound. 5 minutes.

Filmmaker: Marnie Parrell

Filmmaker Contact:



Producer's Name: Marnie Parrell

Year of Production: 2006

Distributor Information:


Vtape, 401 Richmond Street West-Suite 452, Toronto, ON M5A 3A8 Canada Tel: 416 351 1317 Contact: Wanda Vanderstoop

Country: Canada

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4m 41s


early Canada, Hudson Bay, Hudson Bay Company, Métis, pirates



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