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Meskanahk (My Path)

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11 décembre 2007


'Meskanahk' is a video narrative of a young 'half-breed' man's journey off a Cree reserve. This video highlights the motivations that progressed his journey and the questions, regrets and fears raised on his path from childhood to adulthood. 'Meskanahk' chronicles the plight of this young man's fears of being in situations where he was always labeled as an: 'other', and how this had propelled him to run from situation to situation. In the end, when this young man stops running, he wonders if his parents hate him for having run away.

Filmmaker: Kevin Burton

Year of Production: 2005

Distributor Information:


Vtape, 401 Richmond Street West-Suite 452, Toronto, ON M5A 3A8 Tel: 416 351 1317 Contact: Wanda Vanderstoop

Country: Canada

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9m 1s


meskankahk kevin burton half breed narrative cree fears regrets running

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