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I am an employee of IsumaTV's project Digital Indigenous Democracy, and love it! I am a passionate human rights activist and computer geek(ette) who tries to use her powers for good as much as possible. I am particularly interested in global indigenous rights, and worked for the West Australian government's project Redress WA, which gave restitution and letters of apology to those abused in state care, primarily members of the Stolen Generation. I am excited to see where IsumaTV will go!See more


  • Gjoa Haven | Uqsuqtuuq | ᐅᖅᓱᖅᑑᖅ

    uploaded by: GjoaHaven

    Gjoa Haven is a Low Bandwidth High Cost internet community. Internet service is 150 times behind southern Canada in cost-per-MB. To overcome this handicap NITV installs local server Mediaplayers to deliver high speed media to slow speed users, and broadcasts our internet films and videos to home TV.

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    uploaded date: 07-03-2016

  • Canal de TV SERRANA

    uploaded by: TV SERRANA

    es un proyecto comunitario de video y televisión realizado en Cuba, establecido en las montañas de la Sierra Maestra. Plantea un rescate de la cultura local a la vez que refleja los intereses de la comunidad.… En savoir plus

    uploaded date: 18-10-2010