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21 avril 2010


Tonight, at the Rotaract meeting I went to, I discovered RIDS-Nepal.  They're a nonprofit group that's trying to bring what they call the "Family of Four" to poor Nepali towns: clean water, latrines, smokeless stoves, and indoor lighting.  They've developed and implemented designs for solar hot water heating to increase bathing and get rid of scabies; they've developed plans to teach Nepalis about greenhouses.  The smokeless stoves are now considered official issue by the Nepali government, and reduce carbon monoxide emissions to the point where babies are no longer born brain-damaged.  They're incredible.

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    RIDS-Nepal Informational Video in English

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    Synopsis:Informational video about the RIDS-Nepal project and the "Family of Four": clean water, pit latrines, smokeless stove, and indoor lighting.


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