Tunnganarniq is an Inuktitut word meaning welcoming and inclusive. Tunnganarniq Live is a welcoming, inclusive and collaborative live TV platform, to give people access and engagement with Inuit art by Inuit artists sharing live TV content. Inuit artists have a direct live platform to openly display their art – whether it is audio, visual, or live performance based. Inuit artists face challenges sharing their art and reaching out to communities, with prohibitive travel costs, bandwidth limitations, and teaching community members how to access new media technologies online, are all issues making it difficult to create an inter-connected artistic community in the north.

Tunnganarniq Live synthesizes an evolution of video art dissemination with today’s media environment where most people live and access their information and entertainment from their own homes. Tunnganarniq Live uses new technology to encourage Inuit engagement in the arts. The Internet is a transformative invention, but despite the growing integration of the Internet in all aspects of society, there is a stark digital divide in Canada between those who have access to fast and affordable Internet, and those who do not. Inuit are on the wrong side of that divide, and by bringing Inuit art to an online platform, there is an opportunity for Inuit to engage with art, their community, culture, and language.

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If you are an artist wanting to do a live show or display your work please get in touch with us at info@isuma.tv
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