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We struggle but we eat fruit (english subtitles)

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21 novembre 2014


Indigenous People: Ashaninka

The agro-forestal management realized by the Ashaninka from the Apiwtxa village by the river Amônia, Acre. In the film they record on the one hand, their work to retrieve the natural resources of their reserve and re-populate their rivers and forests with native species, and one the other hand, their fight against the wood industries that invade their area at the border with Peru.

2006 | 40 min
Direction: Bebito Piãko e Isaac Piãko
Images: Bebito, Isaac, Benki, Tsirotsi, Hatã, Enisson
Editing: Tiago Campos Tôrres (Tiago Pelado)
Production: Vídeo nas Aldeias, Fora do Eixo e Associação Apiwtxa

More information: http://www.videonasaldeias.org.br/2009/video.php?c=13

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38m 58s


Ashaninka, Brazil, vídeo nas aldeias

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