DIAMA, Call for submissions

Call for submissions

DIAMA digitizes your indigenous media archive and uploads it to your own channel at IsumaTV. 

DIAMA preserves irreplaceable WebTV Inuit and Aboriginal media archives at risk of being lost. IsumaTV cleans, reformats, digitizes and uploads priceless audio-visual materials collected since the 1970s. DIAMA digitizes up to five sample videos for free, and will co-sponsor -- with any interested archive -- a search for funds to digitize your complete collection. Contact us at diama@isuma.tv

Your culture's educational resources

Do you have learning materials to UPLOAD? Do you have videos, audio files, images or text files about your culture? To teach and enhance your own language and culture, we can help you to create your own culture education area at IsumaTV. Contact gabriela@isuma.tv  

Your WebTV channel at IsumaTV, easy and free

IsumaTV is a free service where indigenous people and organizations can create their own WebTV channel and upload videos, audio, images and text. Channels are like mini-websites in which you can upload, edit, change or manage your own content.

To open a channel now just go to www.isuma.tv and click UPLOAD, all you need is an email address.

Download DIAMA epostcard

Download DIAMA call for sumbissions PDF



21 January 2010


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