31 August 2020


Founded in 1991 in Igloolik, NITV (Nunavut Independent Television Network, formerly called Tarriaksuk Video Centre) is Canada's first artist-run media centre in a remote Inuit community, adapting Inuit oral traditions to modern media technologies. NITV trains youth (Inuusiq, Artcirq, Arviat Film Society), women (Arnait Video) and Elders (Unikatuaatiit) to use media to strengthen Inuit culture and language. NITV television channels in Igloolik and other Nunavut communities broadcast Inuktut programming 24/7 through cable TV and online on IsumaTV. Recognized as an "eligible broadcaster" by Canada Media Fund, NITV’s broadcast licenses help finance feature films, TV series and documentaries by Isuma, Kingulliit, Arnait, Artcirq and Taqqut Productions and other Inuit independent filmmakers and media artists. NITV Live productions appear on community TV channels, and IsumaTV Facebook. More information at

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