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Therese Mattaq on Animals


22 November 2010


English Transcript:

We weren't supposed to make fun of animals because they are our only food. Even insects. We weren't supposed to have make fun of them. I don't know about mosquitoes. There were strict rules regarding animals. If you're not going to kill them for food, don't bother them.

There used to be a lot of mosquitoes and it was warm.

New birds from south. We've seen them, but not every day. Tiny birds that look like snow buntings.

There's a fish spawn near our community. It's in the river. Fish there are fat with white meat. Now, we're catching new fish species with pink meat, in the same area. These fish don't belong here.

We're seeing new plants. We're noticing that. Or maybe we're finally starting to realize. They're beautiful.

We're noticing there's not too many seals anymore. In the past, there use to be lots of seals. When they're scared, they're right by the shore, when there's a killer whale. It's not like that anymore. Maybe they're no longer scared of killer whales.

Seal coats are becoming lighter in colour. They used to be a lot darker. They're starting to catch the same looking seals as Igloolik area.


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