What is the methodology to conduct an HRIA? Part 2: Human Rights Impact Assessment of Baffinland's Mary River Project

What is the methodology to conduct an HRIA? Part 2: Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) of Baffinland's Mary River Project, May 17, 2012 (Download complete PDF at left)
In the conduct of the assessment, the key stages are as follows:
• Preparation: assembling the assessment team; review of project documentation, including the FEIS; contacting stakeholders to inform them of the HRIA objectives and methodology and potential areas of collaboration.
• Legal framework: review the legal and regulatory provisions in Canada and Nunavut governing the project; review the project’s legal structure; and, identify potential gaps in terms of international human rights standards.
• Develop assessment criteria: using internationally-accepted HRIA tools (see below), develop a list of questions and indicators to guide interviews and research and to assess the compliance of government agencies and the company with international standards.
• Information-gathering: conduct individual and group interviews with all stakeholder groups and desk research in order to prioritize issues for the preliminary and final HRIA report; use radio show and media to elicit further commentary and discussion.
• Analysis and reporting: based on the assessment criteria developed previously, the assessment team will develop a series of preliminary findings and recommendations on the priority human rights issues; these preliminary findings and recommendations will be circulated to stakeholders for comments.
• Engagement and monitoring: after consultation on the findings and recommendations, a final HRIA report will be published and distributed; the assessment team will engage with all stakeholders to explain the report and to identify areas for monitoring and follow-up. All efforts will be made to propose follow-up measures that can be integrated into existing implementation and monitoring plans and processes.
It is anticipated that a preliminary report will be presented within the context of the NIRB review process. A final report will be published later (in late 2012 or early 2013) that still will be relevant to the construction, operation and monitoring of the mine, if it is approved.



26 May 2012


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