Abraham Ulayuruluk - Actor (Evaluarjuk)

Who's your character and how ofter do you rehearse?

I'm playing Evaluarjuk and he's the oldest in the family. He's also a Shaman.

When did you start and how often do you rehearse?

I already signed a contract last fall to play Evaluarjuk. We started rehearsing in March.

How do you feel about being a main character?

I don't mind playing a main character because I'm not shy to be on camera, even though I think I'm ugly (laugh). When I pass on, my children and grandchildren will be able to say that was my father.

Do you have any other acting experience?

I've also played a role in Atanarjuat, but it was a minor role so I didn't really have to be on set all the time. Even though I played a small role, people recognized me down South.

How do you feel about this fictional film even though it's based on real events?

I think the film is going to run well because it depicts how Inuit used to live.

What are you plans after this film?

I haven't really planned on what I'll do after the shoot, but I'll probably hunt and work for myself – be self-employed.

Do you still want to pursue an acting career?

I'm not going to actively pursue an acting career, but if I'm approached, I'll act again.

How do you want to contribute to the community?

I want to help my community and its people, because the people will always help me.


14 December 2009


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