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    quite North

    uploaded by: bertrand lozay

    channel: bertrandlozay

    Seals and narwhales have been (video) shot between Savissivik and Kullorsuaq (North Greenland).
    Then, music workshop led by Julie Pinoteau and Jonna Færø, recorded by Bertrand Lozay in Uummannaq Childrenhome.

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    uploaded date: 23-01-2013

  • 100 years Titanic - Musicians play the unfinished song

    uploaded by: Mhoch4

    channel: Mhoch4 - Die Fernsehagentur

    100 years ago the Titanic clashed with an iceberg and more than 1500 people died that night. Among them 8 musicians who played until the bitter end. But they were not able to finish their last song. 100 years later 8 musicians from the Konzerthaus Dortmund went to the same place the tragedy happened and finished the job of their famous forerunners.

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    uploaded date: 16-04-2012