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I am a visual artist and a filmmaker, who has been working with Kingulliit productions since 2015 and with Arnait since 2012. Originally from Bulgaria, I have brought my own intercultural experience to my work with Inuit. Inspired by Kingulliit’s style, which prioritizes the power of the human experience, I have worked in the post production section of Kingulliit helping to bring that style to life through editing, and post production supervision. I helped train Inuit in video editing and have been instrumental in implementing a North-South editing system, which gives our Northern editors liberty and support. I also bring my artistic experience to various projects of Kingulliit. I contributed to the Time Machine comic stories, and am currently leading the interactive map project “On The Land with Noah Piugattuk”.See more


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  • Travel to Kalaallit Nunaat, (Nuuk)

    uploaded by: Marie-Hélène Cousineau

    What you will find here are excerpts of the travels of Arnait Media Productions to Nuuk: meetings, encounters. discoveries.

    This exchange with media producers , filmakers and artists of Greenland was possible with  a grant from Canada Council for the Arts through the Aboriginal Peoples Collaborative Exchange.



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    uploaded date: 12-09-2013