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Im Roman Qayaqsaaq Im from Kugaaruk. Nu. I work at the co-op and i enjoy working with the channel 51 my hobby's are to play sports and videogames. I've started to edit videos with Adobe Premiere CC 2018 and am looking forward to learning more.See more


  • Kugaaruk | Arviligjuaq | ᑰᒑᕐᕈᒃ

    uploaded by: Kugaaruk

    Kugaaruk is a Low Bandwidth High Cost internet community. Internet service is 150 times behind southern Canada in cost-per-MB. To overcome this handicap NITV installs local server Mediaplayers to deliver high speed media to slow speed users, and broadcasts our internet films and videos to home TV.

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    uploaded date: 07-03-2016

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