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09 October 2008


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  • 4m 23s

    Lou Reeves

    uploaded by: SunBow

    channel: Our Lands

    This interview with Anishnabe elder Lou Reeves is from the Circle of All Nations in 2003.

    Filmmaker: Brian Sarwer-Foner

    Filmmaker Contact:



    Producer's Name: Ironwood Log Project

    Year of Production: 2003

    Country: Canada

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    uploaded date: 11-03-2009

  • 6m 34s

    Maana (Now)

    uploaded by: Artcirq

    channel: Our Lands

    A young Inuk, acknowledging the global warming and its impacts on his community, intends to reduce drastically the energy consumption of his village.

    Filmmaker: Félix Pharand D.

    Filmmaker Contact: www.artcirq.org /  www.globaia.org

    Producer's Name: Guillaume Saladin / Artcirq

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    uploaded date: 01-11-2007