Stories of Our Elders

Stories of Our Elders

Stories of Our Elders

Is an Animated Inuit Series created by Zacharias Kunuk (Igloolik) and Jerry Thevenet (Montreal). Produced by Kingulliit Productions (Nunavut) and JerryCo Animation (Montreal).

Mixing 2D animation with live-action footage to depict the oral history of Canada's Inuit people. Recounted in Inuktitut, in the words of our Inuit Elders, the series portrays the characters, myths and legends that are meaningful to us.

Inuit culture and history has been recorded through the spoken word for thousands of years. Our traditions, beliefs and way of life have been passed from one generation to the next through storytelling.

With many of our Elders now reaching the 'prime' of their life, it is important that we capture and preserve these stories so that we can pass them on to our children. Our language, stories and mythical spirituality are what make us who we are – A vibrant, socially active and caring people.

We have much to offer the rest of the world. Through The Stories of Our Elders we hope to give the world a glimpse into the Inuit way of life and hopefully enrich their lives as much as these stories have enriched ours.

A glimpse on some of the stories and their messages

Arnaaluk, The Giant Woman

Why something that seems big to you, may seem small to someone else.

Anarteq, The Man who became a Fish

Why you should not act foolishly when hunting or fishing.

Imarasugssuaq, The Man who Ate his Wives

Why you should not play tricks on others.

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