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Talking with Agnes White

Host Margaret Noksana presents a pre-recorded conversation with Agnes White. LIVE April 6th 2022 on the Tunnganarniq Show.

 Agnes White was born Agnes Gruben on September 11, 1937 to parents Charlie and Persis Gruben. She was born in Nallok Point, 16 miles North of Kugaluk River, at the heart of the traditional Tuktoyaktuk harvesting areas that encompass Husky Lakes and Liverpool Bay. Agnes spent her young years learning and practicing her Inuvialuit culture and Sallirmiutun. At the age of 12 she began interpreting and translating at the Anglican church, and did not stop there. She went on in life to interpret and translate for court cases, Inuvialuit organizations, among others. She is the mother to 3 children, and raised her grandson. She resides permanently in Leduc, Alberta and continues to translate, interpret, and consult from home.


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