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Kinja Iakaha | A day in the village (english subtitles)


05 December 2014


 Indigenous People: Waimiri Atroari

Six Indians of different Waimiri and Atroari villages, located in the Amazon, document the day-to-day life of their relatives in the Cacau village. These images, stitched together in “A day in the village” transport us to intimate scenes of their lifestyle and their intense relationship with nature.

2003 | 40 min
Direction and cinematography: Araduwá Waimiri, Iawusu Waimiri, Kabaha Waimiri, Sanapyty Atroari, Sawá Waimiri and Wamé Atroari
Editing: Leonardo Sette, Kabaha, Sanapyty, Sawá and Wamé
Production: Vídeo nas Aldeias and PWA – Programa Waimir Atroari

More information: http://www.videonasaldeias.org.br/2009/video.php?c=59

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40m 18s


Atroari, Brazil, vídeo nas aldeias, Waimiri

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