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Before Tomorrow Trailer


27 February 2016


In 1840, two isolated Inuit families reunite in celebration after many years of separation. These tribes have never met any white people, although rumours circulate about them. When Ninioq, an old woman, her best friend, Kuutujuuk, and her grandson, Maniq leave camp to dry fish on a remote island a strange illness attacks the camp. After the death of Kuutujuuk, Ninioq and her grandson are left alone in the world and most find the means and the will to survive. Watch this complete film on iTunes.

Co-directors: Marie-helene Cousineau & Madeline Piujuk Ivalu

Producer: Kunuk Cohn Productions, Igloolik Isuma Productions

Year of Production: 2008

Distributor Information:

World sales: Isuma Distribution International

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    HELP WANTED! This group seeks help to to protect its land, language and culture. Contact: <macareatrumai [at] gmail [dot] com> or <gabriela [at] isuma [dot] tv>

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    Atanarjuat The Fast Runner trailer

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    Trailer of the first Inuit feature film Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, a life-threatening struggle of love, jealousy, murder and revenge between powerful natural and supernatural characters set in ancient Igloolik. Watch this complete film on iTunes.

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    uploaded date: 01-02-2017