"The tilting of the earth changes everything"

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Arguably, the most bizarre, fascinating and perhaps groundbreaking of all observations we've heard from Inuit is that they believe our world has tilted on its axis and this contributes to climate change. When Zacharias and I first heard this, we thought it was very strange, yet elders in all the communities we've worked in - Pangnirtung, Iqaluit, Resolute Bay and Igloolik - all believe this phenomenon to be true.


Arguably, the most bizarre, fascinating and perhaps groundbreaking of all observations we've heard from Inuit is that they believe our world has tilted on its axis and this contributes to climate change. When Zacharias and I first heard this, we thought it was very strange, yet elders in all the communities we've worked in - Pangnirtung, Iqaluit, Resolute Bay and Igloolik - all believe this phenomenon to be true. In today's blog, we post a video from Igloolik elder Japiti Palluq talking about the impacts of a tilted earth, and unpack the traditional knowledge and science on this issue.

It's been very interesting to see elders and hunters across Nunavut make the same observation about the world having shifted on its axis. In most cases, research participants were not prompted on the issue, yet they began talking about it. Just today, we heard from another interviewee that "the earth has tilted", and Zach looked and me and jokingly said "did you tell him?". As a trained scientist, I know that a key test for "truth" is the repeated replicability of a research finding, independent of who is doing the test. Hearing Inuit across Nunavut make the same observation, using their traditional ecological knowledge, seems to pass this credo for scientific truth. So what data are elders collecting and analyzing to draw this conclusion?

Elders across Nunavut have noticed that the sun and stars have changed their position in the sky. The sun is now rising higher and staying longer than it used to. Importantly, in the far north, you must remember that the sun goes below the horizon for a large part of the year, and therefore Inuit are very familiar with its celestial pattern. Indeed, Inuit we're talking with are telling us stories about how in the old days, during the dark months, they would travel the land by dog team using stars as their navigational tools. So, when Inuit talk about the sun and stars, they do so with an intimate knowledge of these systems.

We've heard that the earth has tilted in the direction of the sun. Elders explain that this is why the sun is higher in the sky and there is increased and more direct heat entering the Arctic ecosystem. As Japiti explains, this has subsequently altered migratory routes of animals, warmed the ocean water, and thinned the ice cover. While this almost sounds like a fringe theory to obfuscate that fossil fuel use increases greenhouse gases, it is actually something has just recently been acknowledged by scientists.

When we began this project, I scanned the academic literature to see if there was any scientific evidence to support Inuit claims that the "earth has tilted" and thus causing climate change, but nothing existed. Now that we're in Igloolik, editing the film, and hearing this observation repeatedly, I hit the literature again. And, to my surprise and delight, two research studies have recently been published that relate to the Inuit knowledge we are collecting with video.

Drysdale et al (2009) published a study in the prestigious journal Science this past August that argues the Late Pleistocene (approximately 141,000 years ago) glacial period came to an end because of changes to the obliquity, or tilt, of the earth. Like Inuit, the study states that this is a possible climate change hypothesis "because of the relatively large and persistent increases in summer energy reaching the high latitudes of both hemispheres during times of maximum Earth tilt". Although Drysdale et al (2009) are discussing past climate change, their findings seem to support present claims by Inuit that a tilting earth may warm climate. In another study, published this past September in Geophysical Research Letters, Landerer et al (2009) indicate that the warming of oceans, exacerbated by melting glaciers that flow into them, is causing "horizontal mass redistribution" of the world's seas. Essentially, the weight and position of the world's oceans have shifted, and this has literally caused the earth to shift its position on its axis! In both the Drysdale (2009) and Landerer (2009) studies, the authors argue that these phenomena have not been previously reported, and that their findings offer new insights into how scientists and society should think about climate
change and its causes and associated impacts.

Indeed, Inuit observations seem tied to the technical science of long-term climate change, specifically the theory of the Milankovitch Cycles, which seem to predict natural planetary warming and cooling periods based on the position of the earth and its axis in relationship to the sun. See Wikipedia for more details:

In many ways, Inuit elders speak with the knowledge of astrophysicists and environmental scientists all in one, and so I'm just trying to catch up. I find it fascinating that for many years, elders and hunters living on the land have been observing and talking about environmental change that is now only being published by scholars working at the cutting edge of science. Indeed, Inuit are climate change experts, and their knowledge complements and in some ways surpasses scientific understanding on this topic. We certainly hope that our work shows how these two "ways of knowing" can work together to better understand climate change, arguably the paramount issue of our time.


Drysdale (2009). Evidence of obliquity forcing of glacial termination II. Science, 325, 1527-1528.

Landerer et al. (2009). Long-term polar motion excited by ocean thermal expansion. Geophysical Research Letters, 36, 1-5.






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I think the tilting is being "controled" by outside sources.

My brother say's we best get ready

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 Sun still rises and sets in the same place for this time of year where I live.  My astronomy software still aims my telescope accurately.   What planet are some of you clowns on?

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I think that some people are being very rude in their comments.  Perhaps one has to keep an open mind as to what is happening.

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dont you need to level your telescope, then find two outher stars like Polaris, and Siris and tweek them in, and then you can find what ever you want on your telescope?


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some1 needs to explain the "global warming" thing to the inuits,  "the ice is not as think anymore"  lol, THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END, no the ice is just meltling, this is just more end of the world bullshit.  this should be on youtube so the trolls can eat this "story" up.

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Www isuma.. Keen :)
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You make a great case for the place of humor in genius houtght, Conrad. Einstein PLAYED with ideas a great deal and imagined himself riding the curve of the arc! It may never be popular to laugh and play with great ideas, in any mediocre bureaucracy though. Even Einstein got turfed out of school in the eighth grade for daydreaming!
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Supposedly the latest tragedy on Japan has knocked the earth off it's axis by a few inches.

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Like every thing else our people stick their heads in the sand & refuse to believe. ops

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im doing a project for school and i need to know how the tilt effects antarctica

can any one help me and soon

from katy

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My thoughts are the tilt could be coming from the withdrawal of our oil from the centre of the earth.  In my mind the oil acts like a balance ball, the more it is withdrawn, the more the earth tilts.  The recent oil leak and the extreme weather conditions in Scotland and the UK seems to say the freezing conditions previously seen at the polar tips, has shifted due to the earths tilt, the new pole has moved into this region?  Just my thoughts, what's yours?

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Google - "Late Harvest Moon" and you will find much proof of these things.

Don't believe the disinfo agents who are paid to tell you that "all is as it should be"....go back to sleep.  Those who tell you that they are "astronomers" and that everything is the same as before are L-I-A-R-S (and apparently proud of it) or sorely ignorant of even 5th grade observational skills.




The real reason the bastardized bosses of those minions who are holding a virtual media wide blackout on the subject don't want you to know of these truths, is that many, upon seeing the fulfillment of Luke 21:25-28 before their very eyes, would turn to, or return to, Yeshua, Jesus Christ.




A voice in the wilderness

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There is a theory that the recent catastrophic earthquake in Chile has shifted the earth 3  inches. Is this subtantiated? If so, this seems profound and the ramifications could be endless. Any validity to this or any other natural disaster events shifting the earth's axis?

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Been happening LONG before the Chilean quake,  and Earth's axis is shifting much further than 3 inches.  Ask yourself, what is the furthest north the sun should be at it's extreme in summer?  The answer, for thousands of years, used to be easy.  The tropic of Cancer in central mexico.  Where has it risen and set since about 2005?  It rose somewhere in the direction of Maine, U.S. and has been setting over Seattle, U.S. or thereabouts.  Thousands of miles north of the old norm.


Google the term-"Late Harvest Moon" to see prolific evidence of these facts.




a voice in the wilderness




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This winter in Rhode Island we had one snowstorm. The south of us, Georgia, and Washington DC, had the one of the worst winters on history.

- David

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This has been clearly announced in some of the messages coming from the Celestrial civilizations part of the Armada of the Galactic Federation.

The Earth orientation will be modified to become again what it was during the ancient time of the Age of Light on Earth, when there was no tilt relatively to the sun, and there was a temperate climate on all it's surface.

They are proceeding very slowly on a span of many years to implement this modification, in order to produce as little perturbation possible.

The Earth actual angle has been artificially created and modified by the dark forces that have invaded this planet a long time ago. The objective was to create more difficult climatic conditions for it's population, since they use constant war and chaos as a strategy of domination and enslavement of primitive emerging civilizations like ours.

The coming back of the forces of the Light around 2012 will signal the end of the presence of the dark forces of conspiration on Earth, and the return of a Golden Age of Light for all. The righting of the Planet's artificial tilt is a necessary part of this Divine Plan.

The Inuits Elders are wise and they are right. Our scientific community the medias and our government are all part of a huge conspiracy and are all hiding this as they hide thousands of other very important things. The amator astronomers around the world can all testify to the reality of this angle shift of Earth.

If you want to read for yourself the messages from the Galactic federation go to:

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Astraelia I totally agree with you. It is not only the Inuits Elders, who say this, in fact it's all the indigenous tribes everywhere in the world. Look up the Maya, who lived in Atlantis and the Kogis~all pointing to the same thing. People, who haven't accept this truth yet are out for a suprise. Our sacred earth is going to change, whether you believe in it or not. Its all for l.o.v.e

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What a joke. If Earth had tilted there would be massive repercussions, not to mention that no tracking telescope in the world could track objects in the sky. Don't you think astronomers would have noticed such a thing? Things are not out of place in the sky. If you disagree, go to any of the hundreds of astronomy forums on the internet and see if astronomers are having trouble finding things where they belong in the sky.


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If you "actually" knew what you were talking about, you'd already know that "go to" scopes calibrate alignment by the stars' relationship to one another which is independent of how high or low they happen to appear in the sky in relation to the northern or southern horizon of planet earth, which is really at issue here. How many amateur astronomers actually take the time to notice or calculate the inclination of star locations over time?  Take our Moon for instance...gee whiz, is it supposed to play rodeo all over the sky in two weeks time, covering many degrees of latitude that quickly?  Really?  Hmmm, the answers must be somewhere....

The fact is, a non disclosure regulation, prohibiting professionals from speaking about these things upon pain of summary dismissal from their jobs or worse, has been in force for some time now, not long after the huge earthquake and resulting tsunami of 2004.  Also, it wasn't long after that time that the U.S. government publicly abandoned celestial time for atomic time.  Anyone who watches the sky...AT ALL....with any degree of intelligence can see PLAINLY that Earth is wobbling greatly.

Proof is everywhere and, sadly, most refuse to employ their senses in favor of a cursory google search.

If google is your oracle, then the greeks have borne you gifts indeed.

Don't believe everything you read.  D-I-G.


"Late Harvest Moon"


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you're right..

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Well, that might  explain why all the stars I locate on Stellarium and compare with what I'm actually seeing off my front porch here in southern UK, seem to be eight or nine degrees higher than they should be and are still visible for some time after Stellarium says they should have vanished below the horizon. One wonders whether we will keep on tipping or just establish a new steady-state position. Fascinating!

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If that were correct, the celestial pole would also have shifted.

I have always polar aligned about 3/4 of a degreee from Polaris, towards Kochab.

It gave a good polar align for visual purposes 30 years ago - and it still gives a good polar align for visual purposes now - or at least it did 3 days ago when I was last out observing.

The Earth cannot have tilted by more than the tiniest frction of a degree, otherwise my polar alignments would no longer be good - but they are.

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"sounds" like you know what yer talking about there carlos.  I bet anyone capable of fixing a scope at Polaris or even standing in the exact same spot every couple weeks and sighting along a stationary landmark could tell whether it's bobbing up and down or not.....

The media black out is huge.  Biggest the world has ever witnessed, or not, depending on how, or IF, one sees things.

Now that Obama has his finger on the shiny new internet off switch, if the truth goes viral....

Are we in for complete chaos or a reason to believe in someOne Greater than ourselves?






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I have been observing the Moon cycles, in particular when it 'runs high' and 'runs low' for 15+ years. The Moon appears to cycle up & down as it travels across the sky due to its tilted orbit around the Earth. From its lowest path across the sky the Moon rises higher north on the horizon each  day (night) for ~2 weeks until it reaches its highest point when it 'runs high' across the sky. From there the moon descends south along the horizon each rising for ~2 weeks until it reaches its lowest point when it 'runs low' across the sky.

From my view from 43.5 degrees N in Southern Ontario the moon reaches its exact highest point, while visible in the sky from here, 4 or 5 times a year if the skies are clear. For most of the years I observed the moon it was always in the 11 o'clock to 11:30 overhead position in the sky while 'running high' across the Southern Ontario sky. However ~6 years ago the Moon advanced to almost directly overhead while it ran high, a sight that initially made me shiver, and is now clearly overhead while running high over my location.

The only explanation I could discern from this astonishing shift is that the Earth has tilted slightly to the south. This can explain some odd occurences happening today: the melting of the polar ice caps; shifting of the global weather patterns & increase frequency of extreme weather; why some people think the world is getting hotter while others think its getting colder. I now wonder if the quickly shifting North Magnetic Pole, from 80 degrees N latitude to 85 N lat in just the last 10 years, is related to our Earth's tilting therefore altering the relationship of Earth's magnetosphere with that of the Sun's.

Our Earth is a free-floating ball in space held in place by its electromagnetic relationship with the Sun, from what I understand. The melting of polar ice caps, for whatever reason, alters the distribution of the Earth's weight and so it would not be surprising if the Earth will have to develop a new centre of rotation to accomodate this weight shift in its orbit around the Sun.

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Tilted 'slightly' to the south???  Not only has our seasonal tilt widened considerably, but we are wobbling but good!


Google:  "late harvest moon"



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"arguably the paramount issue of our time"


No it's not. AGM is proveable nonsense on EVERY falsified level eg. CO2 is heavier than air, polar bear numbers are increasing, overall arctic sea ice is steady, water accounts for 95% of so called greenhouse gases, greenhouse effect is made up bull, we aren't a closed system, totall CO2 emmissions are negligible with negligible effects. On and on it goes... all to get idiots to call for their own extinction, which they seem quite happy to do. Do the homework and you will find the truth is easily uncovered, and that truth is the whole climate change brigade are fools, liars and crooks.... and murderers.

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Hello, I'm a Chilean amateur "observer of the skies", and I am glad I found this article. I also have observed a shift in earth tilt, and have been increasingly becoming aware of it and it's effect in our local weather in the last decade.

The magnitude of the tilt is still something to discuss, but it's existence is undeniable.

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Please tell me where in the sky I can find planet X.  There is no scientific evidence to support its existence.  Belief in planet X is the same as a religious belief; no substance, just faith. 

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Perhaps there's no scientific evidence as of yet but there does seem to be archaeological evidence galore. Just read Z. Stitchen's book:  Genesis Revisited. Then do some research on the clay tablets still available around the world.

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As a keen backyard astronomer and a professional visual artist who makes it my business to observe light from the sun,  I have noticed this since about 2006 here in the far Northwest of Ireland. At first I thought I was losing it it. But some of my astronomer friends said the same. Yet until this article I have seen nothing from the scientific community dealing with this. So well done.

The Sun has been setting across the horizon more and more to West each year. With a huge Jump in 2009. Venus is also too far to the north and the Moon too high in the sky. I know it sounds incredible, it does to me still...but what else other than delving into quantum physics can account for this other than a tilt in the planet's axis? Also the Nothern Lights are becoming more and more common in these parts in last few years... Most grist to the tilting mill perhaps?

Thank you for finally asking the people who know about Climate Change more than anyone in a lab or office what they think.

The Earth may well be tilting. So enjoy the ride. We are living in amazing times.

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Amen, Tom.  Amen.  


Google: "Late Harvest Moon"  share these truths with as many as you are able.  Their importance is paramount.  When you soon stand before our Father, what you do now with such truths as these will prove to have been of great importance.


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We are noticing severe weather all around us now, floods in the UK and other parts of the globe, severe cold in parts of Europe, blizards in the USA and more. This is not because of global warming. This is because of the wobble.

A prediction from also about this wobble.

Your summer U.S. weather forecast was right on the money! What about the winter weather (next 4 months) for North/South U.S.? Any more temperature/precipitation anomalies like the summer?

We made the statement last January, 2009 that the northern hemisphere would have cooler weather up until the last weeks, due to the push away of the N Pole. The Earth is trying to lean away from the Sun, as this is where Planet X lies, and Planet X is pointing its N Pole toward the Earth. We have also made the statement that the seasons will seem to blend into one another, and that drought and deluge will continually get more severe, then switch about. This implies not a steady state but confusion, a roiling atmosphere, an unsteady wobble. All this is logical, when one considers our description of the severe wobble. One does not go from zero to 60 in a nanosecond. Things get worse, steadily, when going from normal to a severe wobble. Your weather will be highly unexpected, and can be unexpectedly warm or suddenly very cold. That's our forcast for the northern hemisphere this winter.

Source: ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, November 21, 2009



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Great Story!  I'm wondering if the Elders told you any other past legends where the Earth went through similar changes, including earthquakes and firestorms, 3 days of darkness, about 3600 or so years ago, the last time the Earth tilted.  Are these signs of other things to come as many other indigenous cultures have been trying to warn us of, i.e., the Hopi, the Mayans, to the Inuit as well? Many Blessings!

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What the Inuit elders say correlates with what is mention on this page 


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