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The Inuusivut Project is a national initiative of the Embrace Life Council and the National Inuit Youth Council. The primary objective of the project is to learn, document and share - through a variety of multi-media techniques - how Inuit perceive, express, develop, foster and promote mental health. The main focus is to provide the necessary skills-based training to enable youth to be the driving force in the exploration, promotion and sharing of mental health related issues locally, regionally and nationally.

Health Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) is funding 5 National Demonstration projects in the area of Mental Health Promotion.  The Embrace Life Council, in partnership with the National Inuit Youth Council (NIYC) and other partners, submitted a proposal to FNIHB and was approved for funding to run a 2.5-year demonstration project (ending in March 2010), titled Inuusivut.  Four other demonstration projects are being funded across Canada. 

Increasing Youth Capacity to Promote Mental Health Issues

In an effort to meet this objective, the Inuusivut project team and partners are accessing multi-media equipment  (digital cameras, video cameras, etc.) and making them available  to local groups in Inuit communities across Canada for use in project activities.

Besides having access to equipment, many youth require training to learn how to use the equipment and work with multi-media.  The Inuusivut Project provides technical training and creative mentorship to youth in Inuit communities across Canada in photography, video production and youth leadership.

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