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Atanarjuat The Fast Runner

First Inuit feature (2001) in The Fast Runner Trilogy. Stream film or Download Trilogy (pay-what-you-can) in SD, 720p or full 1080p HD.   /  Atanarjuat Companion Website

Kitikmeot Inuit Association Social and Cultural Development

 The Department of Social and Cultural Development is responsible for planning, developing and managing KIA programs and services that enhance Inuit Culture, Language and wellness.

The Department is responsible for accessing third-party funding and ensuring programs and services offered reflect the needs of Beneficiaries.

The Department consists of 4 Staff: Julia Ogina-Programs Coordinator for Elders, Language & Culture, Sarah Jancke- Programs Coordinator Women & Youth, Vivienne Aleekee-Aknavigak-Benefits Agreement Coordinator & Jason Tologanak as Director.

2-07079OT-Takuginai-caribou skin clothing

A short video of a song about caribou played by Ishamel Naulalik and a fashion show. Tarijaassaq tuttunik takussautittijut Iisimai naulaaliup inngiganga nillialluni. Tutturajanit, annuraaqsimajunit takussautittijut.



Program name: Qaujisaut


Program name: Qaujisaut


Program name: Qaujisaut

00668IQ+Kipp-81-##-Inuk Canadian Singers 2

Program name: Kippinguijautiit


Le volet webdiffusion de la 25e édition de Présence autochtone, en partenariat avec ISUMA TV, était offert pour la durée du festival et est maintenant fermé. 

The web streaming section of the 25th Montreal First Peoples Festival, in partnership with ISUMA TV, was offered during the festival and is now closed. 


Dans le cadre du festival Présence autochtone de Montréal, quelques films de la sélection 2015 sont diffusés gratuitement sur le web, en collaboration avec ISUMA TV, pour la durée du festival.

In collaboration with ISUMA TV, the 2015 Montreal First Peoples Festival offers free online viewing of some films during the festival.

Programation complète / Full programme - Films, concerts & +, 29 juillet - 5 août :


Program name: Qaggiq
Qaggiq (Gathering Place) was a current affairs program (refers to a large igloo built for the gathering of several families).
Producer - Iqaluit - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
Host: Rose Machmer

Segment 1: Martin Kreelak filmed Elizabeth Karetak about an incident that happened to her family in 1950. This video is about that documentary.

Kipinguijautiit-Uqqumiut Wall Hang M00795-001 _2002

Program name: Kippinguijautiit

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