Norman Cohn

Norman Cohn (b. 1946, New York) is secretary-treasurer and co-founder of Igloolik Isuma’s collective. Living since 1985 both in Igloolik and Montreal, Cohn developed with Kunuk, elder Pauloosie Qulitalik and the late Paul Apak, Isuma’s signature style of ‘re-lived' cultural drama, combining the authenticity of modern video with the ancient art of Inuit storytelling.

Cohn is producer and director of photography for Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, Nunavut (Our Land) and the rest of Isuma’s collective videography. Before coming to Igloolik Cohn’s solo video exhibition, Norman Cohn: Portraits, opened in 1983 at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Vancouver Art Gallery, National Gallery of Canada, and other Canadian museums, and his experimental non-fiction feature, Quartet for Deafblind (1987), was selected for Dokumenta 7. Winner of a 1990 Guggenheim Fellowship, Cohn was co-winner with Kunuk of the 1994 Bell Canada Award for Outstanding Achievement in Video Art.


24 September 2009