Protecting your interest as an artist filmmaker with respect to copyright infringement

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23 August 2020



Thank you all for the birthday wishes to my son thank you all for your understanding and support through the stressful time and last week. I lost three days of productivity in this impasse. it’s unfortunate and I’m sad and I was not happy or elated about the outcome. Relieved and thankful to God, our Heavenly Father


But here is a little story that happened to me regarding these very same issues dealing with copyright and infringement issues which I learned in my 4th year at SFU University Spring 1989

so comments are welcome in a good way please no slandering or disrespect to other artists or peoples
No matter what age we are in life we’re all learning

During my final film year at the SFU Film Workshop semester, I had a big party scene for my student film Crossings. The screenplay for my 4th year film went thru a couple of working titles . The first Under surveillance title went into rewrite heaven lol
The character was the female lead and she had a monologue that I wrote for my former girlfriend who told me about her affair in Whistler BC. it was from a first person perspective I got I got shit right away from the feminists. Even though I took for women studies courses to help my work as a playwright and writer I suppose it was man explaining back then
With me being such a white assimilated yes-man Indian I made changes I did the best I can
I compromised.
I hired my actors, an actress I hired for a performance within the film performance plane was a decision I regret. not for her performance she was great. I was going to use one of my own writing a poem but she wanted to use a poem by Ann Cameron called punishment it would work great as a rupture so I let her do it

I wanted to set it up like a rupture in the narrative similar to a Sally Potter film I saw
I gave the role to Dorothy, Got all my actors together we filmed the poem music and it was a great night
So I write to Ann Cameron to get permission to use the poem she said no. so yeah big letter writing campaign after back-and-forth she still said no

so for all these people, it was a hard lesson for professionals but I am sad it happened that way I’m not happy about it
peoples lives are affected in three cities two nations native and non-native peoples lives are affected
I’m not happy about that but I’m thankful that God look after me with my creative work
yes sad, I feel for all the people involved that were indirectly affected by this lack of research. Torn me out inside that’s how much it affected me and it’s very sad it was very depressing but it had to be done God help them up please

In closing, I have 26 Terabytes of media data from this project As A Koden Talking Story Who Is Your Name AKA Lefty’s Revolution
years of research recording and financial expenditures totalling a very highly 5 digest number. , (grants, and private donations)so

forgive me all for the required action that was unfortunately executed due to the rightly so creative desires of others who made an error in research practices
God bless you all
Have a good week
Donald Morin
chief executive officer of the eagle feathers film and music Manufacturing Corporation
incorporated in the province of Alberta February 2019
on treaty 6 territory
in the colonial empire gone mad


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