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When the Ground Is Hard—Yindjibarndi Dance


14 July 2012



In September 2011 Juluwarlu, Ngarliyarndu Bindirri, Cheeditha and Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporations invited people from Roebourne and surrounds to Cheeditha Community for a performance of traditional Yindjibarndi Jalurra and Ngurnda to celebrate the National NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award to Mayaringbungu, and to thank Mayaringbungu for his wisdom and leadership in driving Yindjibarndi cultural recording and archiving.

Jalurra songs and Ngurnda (dances) were passed to Yindjibarndi people by the Wandangali — spirits who visit a sleeping man and sing the songs to his dreams. On waking the chosen man can pick up his boomerangs and sing a given song straight out, without rehearsal, complete in words and melody. These Jalurra travel Yindjibarndi country and speak about the actions of creation spirits. Every time we perform Jalurra we renew the physical and spiritual connection of today’s generation with our Yindjibarndi country and all previous generations.

We dance to respect the old people who give us strength, and ngurra that gives us hope.

This DVD was produced by
Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation

For the past twelve years Mayaringbungu and many fellow elders have led the cultural mapping program at Juluwarlu, recording every sacred site, our Yindjibarndi history, language, stories, and songs.

Juluwarlu’s cultural recording and archiving project has built a strong body of Yindjibarndi knowledge—thousands of photographs, hundreds of hours of video and sound recordings, reports and dissertations, artefacts, maps, and other records. This resource has enabled the production of many books, videos and cultural projects, including preparation of the Yindjibarndi #1 native tile claim. Our collection is acknowledged as the most significant of its kind in Western Australia.

Email — media [at] juluwarlu [dot] com [dot] au
Tel — 61 08 9182 1497


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