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Playlist: Family, Elders, and Stories from the Past


20 April 2014


Collection of videos and films showcasing elders' voices, family histories, and stories from the past. 

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14h 5m 40s


elders, family, history, legends, residential school, stories
  • Duration: 24m 10s

    In this weekly episode of 'Our Dene Elders' meet Nap Norbert.

  • 00:24 Documentaries | Ajainaa! (Almost!)

    Duration: 51m 23s

    Ajainaa! features Igloolik Elders discussing their views of contemporary Inuit life. Topics include the role of Inuit and "Southern" forms of education, survival strategies (such as how to save a drowning victim), and the differences between camp and settlement life. Written, produced, and performed by Isuma's Uqallangniq Elders Group.

  • Duration: 48m 11s

    The six aboriginal Australian Warrell sisters are part of the generation of stolen children who were taken from their parents and raised in a Benedictine mission to alienate them from their indigenous culture in an attempt to better assimilate them into white society.

  • 02:03 Perspectives | Inuit Cree Reconciliation

    Duration: 46m 34s

    Zacharias Kunuk and Neil Diamond team up to research the events and historical impacts of an 18th century conflict between Inuit and Cree in Northern Québec, and to bring people together finally in 2013.

    Inuit Cree Reconciliation, Kingulliit Productions, NITV 2013, Directors Zacharias Kunuk and Neil Diamond. Inuktut, Cree, English w/English s-t.

  • Duration: 6m 19s

    This interview with Mohawk elder Cecilia Mitchell, is from the Circle of All Nations in Maniwaki in August 2003.

    Filmmaker: Brian Sarwer-Foner and SunBow

    Filmmaker Contact:


    Producer's Name: Ironwood Log Project

    Year of Production: 2003

  • Duration: 11m 15s

    Elder Bob Campbell, Sinixt Nation

    (Note: the ridge where this video was taken two days ago is now on fire)


  • Duration: 21m 20s

    Year of Production: 2009

    Country: Canada

  • Duration: 21m 24s

  • Duration: 3m 32s

    Emile Immaroitok talks to anthropologist Bernard Saladin d'Anglure in the 1970's, 3:32 ᓂᐲᑦ ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ in Inuktitut and in English, with French sub-titles.

  • 03:54 FOSTER CHILD

    Duration: 43m 9s

    Synopsis: At age thirty-five, Gil Cardinal searches for his natural family and an understanding of the circumstances that led to his coming into foster care as an infant. Foster Child is a documentary--unstaged and unrehearsed--about the process of that discovery, beginning with his fruitless attempt to see his own file.

  • 04:37 Perspectives | Unakuluk (Dear Little One)

    Duration: 46m 22s

    Rooted in tradition, adoption is a reality that all Inuit families have experienced. In Inuit culture, adopting a child from a relative, friend or acquaintance is a common practice. Marie-Hélène Cousineau, the adoptive mother of Alexandre Apak, lived in Igloolik, a small island southwest of Baffin Island in the Arctic, for many years.

  • Duration: 41m 16s

  • Duration: 29m 40s

    Synopsis: At the 1956 gathering of the Blood Indians of Alberta, the exciting spectacle of the Sun Dance was captured on film for the first time.

  • 06:34 Documentaries | Kunuk Family Reunion

    Duration: 48m 2s

    In June 2003, Cannes prize-winner Zacharias Kunuk's family gathered at their traditional home camp site of Siuraajuk, to share stories and honor the ancestors who came before them: a wedding; a burial; messages from the past.

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  • Duration: 3m 47s

    Synopsis: The Visit tells the true story of a Cree family's strange encounter one winter night, which results in a conversation beyond words.

    Filmmaker: Lisa Jackson

    Contact: National Film Board of Canada and APTN

    Producer: Selwyn Jacob

    Year of Production: 2009

    Distributor Information: National Film Board of Canada and APTN

    Country: Canada

  • Duration: 3m 12s

    Synopsis: This whimsical animation, reminiscent of NFB classics, follows medicine man Walk-in-the-forest on a walk in the woods that leads to the discovery of an intriguing secret world.

  • Duration: 3m 10s

    Synopsis: This animated short, inspired by the Mi'kmaq legend, "The Stone Canoe" explores aboriginal humour. We follow Little Thunder as he reluctantly leaves his family and sets out on a cross-country canoe trip to become a man.

  • Duration: 21m 37s

  • 07:54 Documentaries | Exile Nutaunikut

    Duration: 48m 16s

    In 1953, Inuit families were forcibly relocated to the uninhabited and inhospitable high arctic, 1500 kilometres north of their traditional homeland of Nunavik, in northern Québec, to extend Canadian claims of sovereignty to Ellesmere Island. Inuit endured families torn apart and many years of hardship.

  • Duration: 22m 23s

  • Duration: 31m 48s

    Filmed by Collective9

    Filmmaker: Noeline Villebrun

    Filmmaker Contact:


    collective9@gmail.com or info@isuma.tv

    Producer's Name: Isuma

    Year of Production: 2007

    Distributor Information:


    Contact Isuma

  • Duration: 36m 31s

    Filmed by Collective9

    Filmmaker: Noeline Villebrun

    Filmmaker Contact:


    collective9@gmail.com or info@isuma.tv

    Producer's Name: Isuma

    Year of Production: 2007

    Distributor Information:


    Contact Isuma

  • Duration: 28m 51s

    DURATION: 29 min
    GENRE: Docu-drama
    FORMAT: Video (colour)
    LANGUAGE: Inuktitut, Eng/Fr s-t
    DIRECTORS: Mary Kunuk, Marie-Helene Cousineau
    PRODUCER: Arnait Video Productions
    SOUND: Pacome Qudlaut
    CAMERA: Marie Helene Cousineau

  • 10:42 Documentaries | Nipi (Voice)

    Duration: 50m 45s

    Rapid change from traditional to modern life in Nunavut, like many post-colonial societies, has concentrated power, wealth and information in a few hands.

  • Duration: 42m 41s

    Click 'Read More' for English Translation of Louie Uttak Testimony by Peter Irniq, February 2009

  • Duration: 1h 3m 1s

    Rosemary Kuptana's residential school survivor testimony. In English.

    Filmmaker: Zacharias Kunuk

    Year of Production: 2008

    Country: Canada

    Region: NorthWest Territories

  • 13:18 Documentaries | Kiviaq versus Canada

    Duration: 46m 50s

    Kiviaq's extraordinary life story bears testimony to the treatment Indigenous people of the Canadian Arctic have endured for generations due to the government's inhumane colonial policies.

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