Inuit Cree Reconciliation Premiers!

Inuit Cree Reconciliation Premiers!

Inuit Cree Reconciliation Premiers at the imaginaNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival

Screened as part of the Meeting Points Documentary Program, Inuit Cree Reconciliation will be presented for the first time to audiences at the TIFF Bell Light Box on October 17, 2013.

imagineNATIVE describes Kunuk's and Diamond's work a:

"journey to the remote site where their ancestors once clashed to celebrate 200 years of peace. Elders recount dramatic stories of battles, heroes and peacemaking from two different cultural perspectives. Coupled with incredible footage and a fantastic soundtrack, the film depicts the modern complexities of two communities living together in Canada’s Far North and an age-old conflict between the Cree and Inuit that lasted more than a century."



17 October 2013


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