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A Horse Called Memory

Acerca de

15 mayo 2007


Painterly and reverent documentation of painted horses and voicemail create a personal glimpse into the social life of part of the artist's (Cree) community in Edmonton - as well as her/the 'technically expanded' international community of the aboriginal media art world. This short continues a series of works combining painterly visual elements with dialogues or narratives that may initially appear unrelated - yet ultimately reveal connections that make for an idiosyncratic and particularily subjective form of storytelling. In this case, the connection between the Cree and Horse Nations are lovingly, humorously, and yet ironically entwined through the use of and emphasis on media technologies, while temporality of the technologies themselves become underlined through their juxtaposition with the Plains people's longstanding friend, mode of transportation (and therefore communication), and cultural icon - the horse.

Filmmaker: Jude Norris

Filmmaker Contact:

Producer's Name: Jude Norris

Year of Production: 2005

Distributor Information:


Vtape, 401 Richmond Street West-Suite 452, Toronto, ON M5A 3A8 Canada Tel: 416 351 1317 Contact: Wanda Vanderstoop

Country: Canada

Region: Edmonton

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15m 1s


community, Cree, horses


Edmonton, AB, Canada

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