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The Squeeze Box

Acerca de

20 octubre 2007


You ever want to hire a real-life soundtrack to follow you about? The Squeeze Box is a film-noir love poem about a hitman that hires a mute accordion player to follow him around and be his real-life soundtrack.

Filmmaker: Shane Belcourt & Duane Murray

Filmmaker Contact:


To find out more about this production please visit our website,

Producer's Name: Shane Belcourt

Year of Production: 2005

Distributor Information:


Ouat Media 488 Wellington Street West-Suite 100, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5 Canada Contact: Gaelle Mareschi, Operational Supervisor Tel: 416 492-1595 ext.243 Fax: 416 492 9539

Country: Canada

Region: Toronto

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