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Kikkik E1-472

Acerca de

20 diciembre 2007


During the 1950's famine in the Canadian Arctic, Kikkik, an Inuk woman killed a man in self defense and them found herself in the position of having to leave 2 of her 5 children on the tundra. She was tried for murder and criminal negligence and subsequently acquitted. Written by Elisapee Karetak, one of Kikkik's daughters.

Filmmaker: Martin Kreelak

Producer's Name: Inuit Broadcasting Corporation

Year of Production: 2009

Distributor Information:


Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, 301-331 Cooper St, Ottawa, ON K2P 0G5 t:+613 235 1892 f: +613 230 8824 Contact: Melanie Legault

Country: Canada

Region: Canadian Arctic

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1h 30m 8s


Canadian Arctic, Kikkik E1-472, murder, Nunavut



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