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Thomasie Kublu on Things Changing

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23 novembre 2010


English Transcript:

It's very noticeable. When we were children, the rise and set of the sun in a day has changed. At high noon, that's the highest peak of the sun. It's supposed to be there. At sunrise, the sun has moved to the right, when it's supposed to there. It seems like our world has tilted. Even the north wind, it has shifted, and now seems like it's coming from the east. Now we have east wind and it's clear like it used to be when we had north winds. It's all moved. It's very noticeable.

Concerning our ice, we know it's melting. In our ocean, there used to be multi-year ice, and now it's melting away. We're only getting first year ice in the fall. The ice is always all melted now. It was never like this before. The ice in Fox Basin is disappearing. We get ice from Aguu Bay, that white multi-year ice, but sometimes it doesn't come now. You know it's melting too. It's very noticeable. Maybe due to this melting the animals are disappearing. That's how it is now. It the past, we used to the south wind, and all the sea creatures would become more abundant. It was always like that. I don't know why they're disappearing. Maybe our sea is too warm. But, what do I know?

Adults before me, they always told us to use our land travel routes. Today, we use any route we want. That's how we are now. All the old routes, we don't use them. Some of them we don't know how to use. In the past, we were instructed to use only these routes and not to travel all over the place. If we used the old routes that does not disturb the animals. That's how we were instructed.

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