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Of Ravens and Children


05 March 2015

13960 ḵing gan

A documentary exploring issues of family, community, self, environment and culture including perspectives of children, teens and elders from Igloolik.

Of Ravens and Children, Arnait Video Productions 2015, Director Marie-Helene Cousineau. Inuktut and English w/Eng s-t.

In keeping with the Inuit oral culture, Of Ravens and Children is a documentary exploring the issues of family, community, self, environment and culture. Children and teens of Igloolik participated in a summer camp where they could openly talk about global issues. Different environments in which the Igloolik children and teens are growing up and living in, were explored through a mechanism that produces 360 degrees panoramic shots.A soundscape was designed to reveal  moods, emotions, and human interactions in an abstract way. Elders speak about the importance of story-telling in their culture and we witness the challenges and victories of the passing of this important tradition in the Igloolik youth of today.

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Ḵwaan sda: Arnait Video Productions