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Livie Kullualik on Animal Health


23 November 2010


English Transcript:

When I was a child, where I grew up, only once in the summer did I see a bear get caught. I remember that. I was a young man. The bear was caught because it came into our camp. That was the only one, back in the old days, that I saw caught. We didn't even see tracks. I had my own dog team and I never saw a bear. Now, in the same place, there's lots of bears around. Bears are increasing. You know, there's a lot of bears, and it's to the point of scary. Right now, where we are, these cabins have been broken into by bears. It's happening more and more. Compared to when I was young, many are being killed, because in those days there were none around. But now, many are being taken, and they're still increasing.

When animals are around, we only kill enough for our food, and then we stop. We always stop when we have enough food. All the time we do this. According to my knowledge, we do not over hunt. They never used to overkill back then. I've always known this. That's what I know.

On this subject, I know, because I'm always hunting. If the animal is injured, killing it is better. It's suffering, you kill it. Not too many times that happened. I know this right from the start. That's how it was. But today, there's more and more sick animals. But back then, there were hardly. And today, it seems more of them are sick.

More and more, they're getting worse. Back then, there was nothing wrong with animals. Now, according to my knowledge, there's more and more contamination in caribou meat. Back then, they were all good, and that makes me suspicious.

Sometimes the gut is attached to the body and that's unpleasant to eat. The gut is attached to the meat. It's not the only fish, you don't for for that. Not too many of them are like that.

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